Project Completed:


Construction Value:

      $9.6 Million


      Randy Wilson Architect Inc.


London, ON

Watershed Conservation Centre


The 30,000 sq. ft. office building is designed to achieve a LEED Platinum rating and to operate with over 70% energy savings. It is currently the only building with such a rating and with outstanding energy efficiency in London and the surrounding areas. The building consists of office areas, meeting rooms, locker rooms, lab areas and server/electrical rooms. Considering the variation of room types, V&R saw an opportunity to optimize energy by transferring heat from zones that require cooling to zones that require heating.


The new facility will conserve electricity and water and will pro¬mote a healthier working atmosphere. The design incorporates various energy efficient technologies that include:

• Variable refrigerant flow system with heat recovery between heating and cooling zones

• Grey Water System: collecting storm water to flush toilets and irrigate

• Ultra-low flow toilets and shower heads and automatic controls

• Dedicated outside air unit for ventilation controlled by a combination of occupancy and carbon dioxide sensors.

• Solar wall on south exposure to preheat the ventilation air

• Earth tube to pre-cool and preheat the ventilation air

• Variable frequency drives to supply only the amount of airflow required

• Sound masking system throughout open office area

• Generator connections complete with life safety and emergency connections

• Motorized blinds

• Measurement and verification on main switchgear

• Floor outlets throughout Conference Room (glass walls)

• Full security system (doors & CCTV)




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